Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is the year to...

I have been thinking of some things I want to achieve this year. Not really resolutions,but a kind of 'to'do list for the year; things to look forward to. Some a short term goals...as in this week/month and some longer.

  • Finish unpacking my boxes from Uganda! (This is obviously a short term goal!) By the end of the week month, I want to have emptied my last three boxes. If I didn't miss it I will throw it out or donate it.(I have already done one this week...two more to go!)
  • Find hooks an hang up paintings and photos (seriously, along with 'get a scart lead' this has been on my 'to-do list' since I arrived...it is not as easy at it sounds!)
  • Start pottery classes - I have a feeling I will enjoy the process, even though the end product will probably be quite crap! I have got so far as to find out when/where I can take them-next step would be to attend one!
  • Take some Swahili lessons - On occasions I open my mouth and Arabic or Lugandan or gibberish comes out. At the moment I keep wanting to say "amasegunallo" (Thank you, in Amharic")-a bit more Swahili would be nice, if only to convince KWT that I only need to pay residents rates!
  • Hash- Even if I only go twice this year, I want to Hash again and meet some other slow runners!
  • Try new recipes more - I'm not going to make life more challenging by putting a time frame on this, like one a week/month- but  I want to be a bit more experimental in my kitchen (if you can call it that!). So, earlier this week I thought I would try a gluten-free chocolate chocolate cheesecake that I saw on this blog, then my friend at 3Limes tried it and said it was yummy. So, no excuses. But, I couldn't find all the ingredients it called for (...like sugar or graham crackers...no sugar, but found sour cream...(!) so I used icing sugar and found  diet-free digestive biscuits, so I thought I would use those! Note to self-just because they are expensive and has the word 'Gullon' on the box, does not mean they are gluten-free! Sorry dinner guest!
Hmmm-tasted SO much better than it looked!
There is one BIG goal that I have been thinking about for a while. But if I tell people I am doing it, then I don't do it, I've failed. Where as, if I don't tell anyone, I just didn't do it...right?

OK-here goes. A marathon would be great-NYC for my 30th would be even better. But, as it is so expensive, that is not on my lists-as it might not be achievable. So, I have been thinking about trying to do 12 in 12. 12 half marathons in 12 months. As I am so incredibly unfit, and can only run 8km at the moment a bit behind schedule,  I will have to try and do more than one half in some months later in the year. Haaaaaaa-who am I kidding!!! I'm not even drunk writing this! I think this is achievable!

I am really looking forward to what lies ahead this year. My Kenyan tour company (!) will be starting properly this year...I'm just waiting for the first customers to book-up! 


  1. A marathon? DO IT! It will be one of the greatest accomplishments of your life!

  2. well-want to say-'would love to' -but think i will hange that to 'would love to in a huge international race'...hmm-12 in 12 (halves) are my goal at the mo.

  3. 12 in 12 sounds amazing! But to be honest it sounds like more of a challenge than committing to a single marathon!

    Good luck!

  4. yes mu-maybe a bit ambitious...that was why i was keeping it quiet...will see how it goes!

  5. 12 in 12 sounds fantastic and totally do-able. From what I've read of your running, I reckon we are roughly of similar fitness level (though I suspect you are generally fitter!). Each half I've done has taken me a week to get over but the marathon took me a month. 12 in 12 sounds like a challenge but an acheiveable one.
    If I decide against another marathon I might copy your idea! :)

  6. thanks wendy-will keep you updated


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