Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NOT a fuel shortage

So, what happens when petrol prices in Nairobi go down? A petrol shortage, obviously!

Not quite a shortage. An artificial one. A shortage for me, but not for the oil companies who are (accused of) hoarding it. Dealers are storing it all up, refusing to fill up my tank.


Long lines at the stations, causing blocked roads. Stuck in 'the jam', the arrow on my dial drops further. Four wasted tries, hand waving, being told 'not today mama'. I did make it to work, dang and blast, but I wasn't sure where else I would make it to. I spent the day fretting. Drivers from school being sent off on a search. The mobile is brought to life with news of fuel. Another wasted journey, the precious liquid is gone by the time the Surf is there. I told my class to send out the search party if I didn't make it in tomorrow...but they got excited at the thought of a pirate doing supply teaching (where does it come from!? a story to be written tomorrow perhaps, I maybe should find a wig and a hook!) and my dilemma was quickly forgotten about.

On the positive side...it made going to the supermarket a breeze. I did not swear once in Nakumatt today...I know holy shit pretty good! Nobody is there...they must be in the queue at the petrol station! 

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  1. That's crazy! I am extra thankful for my high priced American gas - it's at least at the pump whenever I want it.


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