Monday, January 23, 2012


Current guilty pleasure: Red Grape Martinis...seriously amazing.

Current blogging about: nothing-now I have bored everyone to death with tales of mind is blank...that is why I am writing this!

Current fashion trend: Annabelle Thom's long kanga skirts with a black vest. So Mama Africa but I don't care!

Current drink: I have actually drank very little since my Christmas holiday. I am though, drinking too many soft must try to kick my coke habit! (oh-just realised that may not be true...forgot about the martinis...they are obviously only drank on week nights!)

Current food: Cheese and Zanzibar chutney on toast. The cheese and bread are just an excuse to eat the BEST chutney in the world!

Current playlist – My i-pod has gone walkabouts, but when I am home, with my laptop, I am listening to Michael Kiwanuka and The Idan Raichel Project - both very chilled out. Check them out.

Current TV Show – Watching Downton Abbey. Late, as usual, to jump on this wagon...but it is SO good! I have just finished season one (I tried to make it last a week!!) and about to start the second!

Current Celeb Crush -Ewan McGregor. I have been re watching bits of A Long Way Down (so not to watch all of Downton in a day!)...and really, I know we would get along soooo well!!!

Current excitement –Ahhh-my friend is pregnant! I have a reason to buy cute African tat for a baby!

Current bane of my existence -Finding fuel!

Current wish list – A nice set of kitchen weighing scales.

Current website -  I try to not go on any clothes/bags online shops...(If I were to though, I would go on the Anthropologie website), but I have just been told about Yoga Journal so discovering that site.

Currently delaying – Levelling pieces of writing....this week I WILL do it!

Current Mood -Last night I was exhausted from over 8 hours of yoga on the weekend, but now I feel great! 


  1. Yup - also discovered Downton recently. Brilliant.

  2. I'm still not on the Downton Abbey train...but everyone loves it so I should probably give it a try!

  3. I love Ewan McGregor! And I've never heard of Zanzibar Chutney. I will have to see if I can't find some!

  4. I'm back. I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog! Yes, 8 months a weekend at a time is a PAIN. And YES, you do kind of fall back into the child roll. Like I feel like I need to tell them where I am going...and when my friends call they have to talk to my Dad first in order to talk to me! It's a pain!

    And that chutney sounds even better now that I know what it is!


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