Wednesday, January 11, 2012

back to school

I made this "Back-to-school-banana-choc-chunk cake" the other day.

 Then spent the rest of the day dreaming of the chairs I would like in my bookshop/cafe/gallery. Productive!

And then I spent the whole yoga session wondering how my thighs got so big!

PS- I got the recipe from here. Blame her!


  1. I went back to graduate school Monday. Will you send me a treat!?

  2. I like to daydream about how I'll open a bookstore as a storefront with a small book publishing company in back!

  3. Oh. Wow. That looks so amazing. Yoga cancels out any calories it may...or may not contain.

  4. VV-might have to do a LOT of yoga this week then!

  5. yummy!


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