Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Journey

2011 was quite a journey. Although I had some great adventures, I am not going to review the past year, but  rather look forward to the road ahead.I went for a long run/walk in the forest by my house today. The sun was shining and the Vervet monkeys and dik-diks were abound  - it was a great way to start 2012.

But..talking of journeys, they are sometimes my favourite part of a holiday; anticipating the unknown or excited for the familiar. It was like that when I was little. I used to love the bus ride from the village primary school to the swimming pool for lessons, which is half an hour away. Arriving always seemed a bit disappointing.

The idea of journeys reminded me of a conversation I recently had with someone over a beer before the holiday exodus from Nairobi. He was telling me about the new KLM booking feature (have you heard about it?) that lets you use its Facebook page to pick who you want to sit next to on the plane. It is basically like a matchmaker service, you decide who you fancy and choose to sit next to them. Not quite sure if the other passenger has any say in the matter!?? My friends and I were then discussing the subsequent scenarios that this may cause.

This booking feature is not (yet!hhhaaaa) available on Ethiopian Airlines (hello- in flight entertainment would be nice!). So, when I checked in for my recent flight from Nairobi to Addis and was declined an upgrade (How dare they?Don't they know who I am!?), I then requested not to be sat near any children...harsh, but I am on holiday you know! I did however, forget to say, "Or next to any morbidly obese people that read broadsheet newspapers"....just my luck!

This time the journey was just about the arrival...

...then the real adventure began!

PS- Another bizarre moment on the plane, was when I realised that the music on the plane tannoy system was 'Do They Know It's Christmas' by Band Aid...on repeat (quietly, but still-repeat all the same!) Ethiopia...!


  1. great post! sometimes i believe the arrival is sometimes in the journey itself....but usually we don't see it that way until later.

    what an exciting life you live!

  2. true Hollie Ann - part of the journey at least

  3. beautiful pictures, thanks for stopping by! xo


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