Monday, May 16, 2011


I know I haven't blogged in ages, (then two posts in one night) but I haven't been sure where to go with my blog and what to share.

At the moment I feel like my body is porous, open and sensitive to the world around me. The news today of the death of the Kenyan runner and that the Air France black box has data on it that is still intact (Can you believe it!!!???), has left me all out of sorts, shaking my head and wiping tears away. My running buddy shared sad news of his and I received a wedding invitation from my best friend Jo (happy and excited tears, but a pang of desire to be with her) made me blue. I think it has just been building up.

I know I should give myself a kick, but heartache is the worst. Comparable to tooth ache I think. This throbbing pain that comes in waves that can't be seen. You forget how painful it is, until it is time to visit the dentist.

Words of wisdom comes from all different directions, (the Oprah magazine is a good source!). Running helps... and change is good. But today I missed my run as I was busy on 'project dining hall' (a future post) and I am tired. So today, I am sad.

I had figured it all out last night with a friend, but I had forgotten it by this morning, damn that white wine...!

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