Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Magic Moments in Uganda

You'll have seen Uganda in the news recently. It is after the Bin Laden and the Royal Wedding, in really small print.

In short, people in Uganda are not happy at the moment. The cost of fuel and food has risen and the people want to show President Museveni, that they are unhappy. They wanted to 'wak to work'. A peaceful protest that wasn't allowed, fueling more anger and unrest. (The BBC can fill you in on all the finer details).

Talks of the President's costly inauguration party, which is set to be held this month, is the cause of much head-shaking and sighs. It makes me think of  the last time I was at the coast in Kenya, speaking to some locals about their neighbour...again much head shaking (they obviously think that Uganda has a lot to learn...from them...!?)

So, yes, Uganda has it problems, sometimes.

But I have had a few 'I LOVE Uganda' moments recently.

One was when I arrived at Entebbe airport for my flight to South Africa recently. I left my Yellow Fever certificate at home...dddduuuuhhh! As I had done no research into my holiday, I hadn't realised that it was a requirement for South Africa. Eeek- a moment of panic. No time for a trip to the hospital and no time for my house-boy to boda it over.So... a quiet word, $50 dollars placed in my passport and... voila! A new (albeit dodgy looking!) certificate.

I love Uganda!


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