Tuesday, May 31, 2011


As I put on my trainers for staff Frisbee this afternoon, the bright white laces made it quite obvious that they had been washed and I was ashamed as I realised I had not laced them up since the half marathon 9 days ago! It was even more obvious when it was time to run across the grassy field after a disk!

I have a lot of catching up to do if I want to finish the NYC marathon!

So... I have decided to participate in Juneathon (check out my fancy new badge...!). Every day this month, I will attempt to run (or do some form of exercise)  and blog about it. I don't want to turn this into a exercise blog and I also don't want it to become a chore for me- so I will just write a one liner or so. If I don't you know that either:
A) I have failed and didn't run or do any exercise
B) I couldn't get on my laptop due to a power outage...'tis Uganda after all!

I am hoping to encourage a few members of staff at the 'w' place to join in...in true teacher style I am about to make a poster!

Fancy joining me for Juneathon??


  1. Am very jealous that you are doing NY marathon, it is on my to do list-one day! Hope the sore thigh goes soon. Good luck with Juneathon-enjoy!

  2. Great blog. And good luck with the Juneathon. It's such an awesome way to get ready for the summer. I'm sure you can do it. :)




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