Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random nights of laughter, painting faces and African Mama.

I haven't been able to get onto Blogger recently, but I managed to sort it all out by downloading Firefox and sorting my cookies. Rather proud of myself!

So I have not been able to share...

  • My random night last week. So random, yet that was probably why I laughed even louder and harder than usual. An unexpected dinner with welcoming unfamiliar smiling faces from all over the globe. Real characters of life that I wish I had met earlier in my time here. Talk of child birthing stories in Uganda, parties of the past, periods of time in Iraq. Some people are just great storytellers and I enjoyed being part of the audience.
  • Stories of bravery. One boy in my class broke his clavicle bone last week. He was such a trooper through his pain and only let his walls come down when mum arrived.  Another pupil had to leave the country as his mum is very sick indeed, he is a bundle of positivity and told me how he is going to look after his little sister and make cups of tea for mum. It was hard saying goodbye to this wee special boy.
  • My friend gave birth to her first baby (girl) here in Uganda. Congratulations African Mama!
Next week I am looking forward to sharing 'project dining hall' - we are in the final stages of painting and the grand opening at the School for the Deaf will be next week! Here is a peak at what we have been doing.

I am running the Source of the Nile half-marathon tomorrow. Hoping for a dry, cool morning! Happy Weekend!


  1. Great mural! It's so lively and pretty!

  2. I applaud your bravery! What you're doing is so cool! And yet I don't know if I can ever find it in myself to move away from what has become second nature to me. So congratulations on doing what you love :)

  3. I have internet explorer, firefox and google chrome all installed, but made the switch recently from internet explorer to firefox as my main browser.

    Loved the mural photos!

    Best of luck with your half marathon. "Source of the Nile" sounds so exotic! :-)


  4. Thanks Paul -not sure if the run is as exotic as it sounds though!

  5. it's so pretty! respect for it!


  6. What sweet students you have! Melts my heart. What age do you teach? I teach 7th and 8th graders.



  7. yes they are a great class sarah.i teach year 4 at the moment (the pupils are about 8 years old) bit younger than your middle school classes i think.


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