Monday, May 23, 2011

Community Development Project

Oh, I have been so excited about completing and sharing this project! 

The Community Development Club at school, that my friend Erika and I lead have been linking up with a local school for the deaf. We have been learning sign language (don't test me though!) and we had a big 'Survivor' event to raise money for the school.

The children in the club decided that the dining hall needed a renovation.

Over the past month broken window panes were replaced, curtains were made along with curtain rails, new plastic bowls and cutlery purchased for the lunches and tables were made to measure. The chalkboard was even given a face-lift!

The best part (and the most time consuming!) was painting the mural. The pupils decided on the design and an arty teacher friend, Esther, drew all the outlines and directed us (read led) with the painting.

It has been a long process but a lot of fun. We had to recruit other teacher friends to help with all the hard to reach bits!!!

Our favourite wee man!

We sang, gossiped, wobbled on ladders and tables (!), 'nearly died' (well-that was Esther!),danced, took photos, ate far too many Pringles and painted...and painted...and painted!

"I can't see! I can't see!"

"Ahhh. That's better!"

 All the hours were worth it! The 'grand opening' of the hall was today-with the usual Ugandan pomp and ceremony. The pupils (at both schools) were amazed at what we had ALL achieved! So were we!

After a long morning painting...think the fumes went to our heads!
Erika, Esther and I

Well done team! x


  1. AMAZING! It is so beautiful, I am most impressed. We don't do things like that up here. Shame.

  2. hello, found you through ftlb, love that last pic, you all look so happy that you were done! awesome painting, well done all xoxo

  3. 3limes -it takes someone to do something-maybe next year. It is fun and so worth it. We were actually thinking of trying to get a reality TV makeover show to try and help next year -maybe from SA or the States. Hmmm

  4. it looks amazing! found you on for the love of blogs hop.

  5. First and foremost, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog :) But secondly.. WOW, you are doing some amazing things, that I have dreamed of doing - absolutely incredible. And Sign language is a language very high up on my to-do list, I think it is such a fantastic and useful skill/language. Good luck with this project, I will continue to follow your blog with interest!

  6. Wow, the perfect post to kick off Post Of The Month Club! So much talent and what a before & after - the kids must LOVE it :) Thanks for linking up XOL

  7. You girls are seriously fabulous!

    Each of the little people has such personality and it's not hard to imagine that everyone who visits this space is uplifted by this happy-making mural.

    Nice work!

    xx Felicity

    Visiting from HH - POTM Club: May

  8. Wonderful mural--so unique and cheerful! I found you through HHUK and look forward to reading more.

  9. That is so special to leave such a colourful mark on a special place.

  10. Wonderful! Love the way the mural turned out!

  11. New follower from hop! Love the painting. I love doing stuff like that! WTG!


  12. Thanks Pretty! I have to admit that I looked at an urban dictionary to find out WTG means...but thanks for the compliment!

  13. This is awesome! Love it!!! You have a new follower. Can't wait to learn more:)

  14. So beautiful! I bet the kids love it : o )


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