Monday, May 23, 2011

Images from the weekend

Sunset over the River Nile
 I participated in my second Source of the Nile Marathon this weekend (don't be fooled by the name-it is a half marathon). Even though I was fitter this time round, I think it was harder as I knew what to expect after last year's is a long and lonely run.

There were 6 of us in our wee group of friends doing the half marathon and one friend doing the 10km. Very few people go out to cheer the runners on (and most just laugh at the female mzungus running), so our support team, Andy the Great (the newly renamed!) and Gabe, were so amazing - driving to different spots on route and handing out bananas and energy drinks (well Gabe just smiled and waved, but that was a boost in itself!). The energy boosters were so important as you only get offered glucose powder (white, chalky dry thanks!) on this run.

Although it is a quiet race - maybe 70 or so runners (??) doing the half- I had a few different buddies along the way to keep me company as the kilometers passed. Including a grandmother from Spain who has run the Lewa and Nairobi marathon (and many others) and some guys from the hash. But I can't say it was fun. It was hot, tough and long. The reward was beating my record (by 4 minutes....but it still counts!) and the post run bubbles!

My running buddy Tim was busy interviewing runners and taking photos along the route (whilst running!) - when it is ready I will send the link!

To help my NYC training I am looking for a half marathon in July in Scotland and one in September/October in Kenya. Anyone know of any?


  1. Well done! 4 mins definitely counts. Have you checked Runner's World for runs in Scotland?

  2. Yeah thanks Mud-nothing then like 3 on the same day.

  3. wow, robyn, that photo of a sunset over the river nile is so precious!


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