Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sa-far-ri so good.

It has been such a busy term so far at school but an enjoyable one. I have managed to get on my yoga mat twice weekly and am wobbling less (when I stand with both feet on the mat..!!!) and have found a new running buddy; one that speaks to me continuously as we run and doesn't mind if I just huff and puff my replies! And of course-Jane and Sven have returned to their home in Uganda...need I say more!

Saying all this I have found time to plan my next two holidays; surly a  teacher's prerogative! My October and December safaris are now all planned and booked. This was harder than  first imagined; trying to select my favourite places to stay  as well as trying to show my visitors some animals...although I am sure my mum would be quite happy if all she spotted (with binoculars) was a the distance(sorry mum!!).Not that I want to wish my life away or anything, but... I am super excited!

I shouldn't get ahead of myself though, before my safari adventures I have; a girlie pampering session with my dear returnee friend, the Goat races, the Entebbe Tri-atalon (do I sound enthusiastic!!!??), report writing and a camping trip with 40 eight year olds....oh the joys!
The count-down to the holidays has begun!

Bush dining- can't wait to do this in October!

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