Friday, September 3, 2010

Creature Uncomforts

I am having a quiet Friday night and it is bliss!
I am quite content tinkering on my blog and listening to some new music that friends have recommended. My biggest decision tonight is whether to sit through yet another episode of American tripe (even though the acting is dire, it is a tempting option) or to start a new book. I think I will do the later! I  must also pack for my weekend-away camping.
 This camping outing is one that I may regret by Sunday evening; the reason being, the dreaded Tsetse Fly. I am not worried about getting ill, but the last time I went camping to this particular small island on the Nile, I returned to the city with sores all over my body. It ruined my Rabbie Burns evening; I missed 'To a Haggis' as I was busy in the bathroom, armed with a pencil, scratching my skin away!
This camping trip I am taking better precautions; Detol (this wiped all over my body will keep more than flies away!!) Claratine pills and lots of lots alcohol (if all else fails, I hopefully will still get some sleep!). Don't feel sorry for me, I treated myself to a bottle of Pimms and I am going to drink it while I am fishing in the Nile. Surely a few flies won't spoil my fun..!!!???
I'll let you know!