Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just thinking...for now.

A beautiful friend of mine was (back) in Kampala for 24 hours this week. We spent the evening catching-up after our favourite yoga teacher helped me get into Crows position for the first time. My beautiful friend is now based in Nairobi; a place I fall in love with more each time I visit. It has all the comforts of the western world, but with Africa on its doorstep. When she works late she can get sushi carry out...imagine the luxury! We talked of the highs and lows of living in the Pearl of Africa. And after laughing over wine, my beautiful friend jumped on her boda-boda and  waved goodbye and I was once again left thinking of all my friends that come and go in Uganda; most living a transient existence here.

Where do I want to be? Friends at home, I'm sure out of love, tell me not to come home (yet!!) due to the shortage of jobs ...they don't need more competition! So today, I have spent my free time on websites of British and International schools in Kenya and Cape Town. My 'plans' change from week to week, so I have just saved them on my "favourites" list...for now.

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