Monday, September 6, 2010

The grass is always greener, the air is always cleaner

I have not quite settled into my Kampala routine yet. I think I am trying hard to fight it. In the staffroom at school we joke that we have been so busy with; assessments, meet the in-laws night (I mean parents!) and teaching, that we have not had time to have our usual pedicures that make us function in the developing world a little bit more easily! I have not even managed to squeeze in a tennis lesson and only once have I been doing the down-ward dog (in yoga!) on a Saturday morning! It must have been a tough few weeks!

Although I enjoy all of these things once in a while, I think I got my fill of the 'good life' in Kuwait. Not the Tom and Barbara tomato growing, chicken farming 'good life', more like Margot's life;  manicures, flashy cars and lunches.

So now, I would rather get out of the city. I am busy booking accommodation for both my October and December safaris and I haveLacam Lodge  on speed-dial on my phone...just in case we get a long weekend for Eid!

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