Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My first fishing trip

I am just recently back from great weekend away at the Hairy Lemon, previously known as the 'Itchy' Lemon, because of the local residents; the Tsetse flies.

Great news!  It is now under new ownership and the showers have improved,  the flowers are brighter and the Tsetse flies are better behaved! Dettol was religiously plastered all over my body and it seems to have done the trick. My last stay I was busy (not) scratching my sores! This weekend I was able to spend my time making jugs of Pimm's, taking photographs and cuddling puppy Mag...I only manged  to read one line in my book. I also cast my flirst ever fishing line.

Unfortunatly only one fish was caught from the Nile over the weekend and we are questioing if there is a link to the industrial strength Dettol! The said  fish was then thrown back into the river, deemed too small to feed the 6 of us, however when nothing else took the bait and we went hungry we regretted our rash decision!
This weekend my friends and I also set our 'school year resoulutions'; one being to have more weekends away. Fingers crossed Eid is on Friday and I get to go to Sipi Falls for the long weekend!

The Hairy Lemon

Camping Essentials!

There was not 'mush-room' in Stacy's tent for the both of us!!!

Fishing in the River Nile

Even Mag was exhausted after her first camping experience!

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  1. I'm glad you had a good time. The photos are awesome!


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