Friday, September 24, 2010

Kooking in Kampala

Kook club is BACK!

I was introduced to the idea of a cook club in Kuwait by my lovely friend Jane. So Jane (head chef), Kirsten, Ange and I would get together and plan the all important theme and menu. Previous themes have been; Asian Fusion, Italian and a weird throw-back to 1960s James Bond Apres Alps (!!the food was just as bad as the outfits!!!) There were rules, of course, in our Kuwait Kook Club, that we religiously followed; only cook something you have never cooked before, take turns cooking the meat dish, always invite a different guest couple and most importantly always invite a single man for Robyn to entertain...I liked that rule the best!!

I then continued this idea in Kampala, with less cooks (as we have smaller apartments) but the same idea. However the other cooks were not that enthusiastic about dressing-up in the theme, so we dropped that. Cooks have left and a new year has brought together a new Kook Club. Now menu ideas have been flying back and forth and we are all educating ourselves on what a Damper is.We are busy drawing up the menus and writing the guest list as well as designing the all important themed costumes! Ready, Steady, Let's Cook!

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