Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Most Beautiful Shoes in the World.

Once upon a time, I lived in Kuwait. I earned a substantial amount of money and I also spent a substantial amount of money... on pretty things- Mulberry bags, Kurt Geiger shoes and dresses from Reiss. Oh how I loved dressing in my pink sparkly shoes or my polka dot dress.

Those days are, for the time being, over. My bags are in dust covers and I wear Africa-friendly clothes, namely; Jesus sandals and shorts. Oh, apart from last night, at an art exhibition, where I received a compliment (or what I think was one, it was hard to tell, because it came from a man!) saying that I looked good, very "London-fashion" ....yes, I was wearing shorts...but I did have heels on- quite the novelty!
I am reminded of my old fashion-loving self every now and again when an e-mail arrives into my account to announce the new collection for this or that. These e-mails are usually deleted before they are opened,I remind myself that it would not be fair for such items of beauty to be brought to Africa, where they would be  couped-up in a cupboard (that, and the fact that having an empty purse makes it much harder to buy pretty things). But recently I have been spending many hours gazing at the most beautiful shoes in the world.  My favourites...well I have so many, but aren't the VICENZA C - INDI CASTAƑO divine...and soooo practical for Uganda!!!
Yesterday I had to par-take in some retail therapy to get over the most beautiful shoes in the world. I came back with a bunch of flowers!
Next weekend I am getting all dressed up for the Ascot of Kampala; The Goat Races. I have a hat and a pretty dress and on my feet I will be wearing...flip flops!!!

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  1. Beautiful shoes, indeed.
    Been reading through your past posts and enjoying them very much. Looking forward to visiting again. :)


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