Monday, September 20, 2010

I kid you not!

The Royal Ascot of Kampala was on Saturday- no horses raced, or hens (Mairi) but goats. Organised by the owner of the school I work in, but an event open to all. Good friends of mine (the returnees) arrived by helicopter (apparently I didn't make the weight limit !) and others by boda-boda. Fashion was flaunted; from flip flops and kikoys, to feathered hats and kilts. I got dressed up for my day at the races and was pleased that I brought a hat back from Scotland; I was even interviewed by Ugandan television about it's designer...!! Ha!

The highlight of the day for me was watching the races in the sunshine whilst drinking pink champagne with strawberries. Others were happy to stay in the VIP tent, not worried that they did not see a goat all day.

Billy-the Kid and Goatzilla looked on fine form!
They needed a little encouragement!

A little help from a mattress was needed!

Day turned into night, turned into day again! I am just wondering if the goat races are a good enough reason to stay for one more year!?

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