Thursday, September 8, 2011

Notes from Nairobi 3.

The Internet is not reliable, yet at the ‘w’ place it is apparently the best networks out of the schools.  We need to plan for usage of ICT, however not rely on them for lessons. I should be used this from Uganda, but it doesn’t make it less frustrating or time consuming.  My dongle reception from my cottage is also incredibly slow and if I am lucky to get online, I can only have one page open at a time –these are my excuses for not keeping in better touch. But what are yours? I keep turning my phone on and off and jiggling my SIM card around, as I have had about 4 messages in the same amount of days...and one of those was from a mechanic 
After such incredibly busy days at the ‘w’ place (a 6am personal training session with a hard-core Kenyan bloke for an hour, before work, has some down sides!!) it is nice to see you have news from the ‘outside’(as in ‘outside the world of school’).When I looked at my phone this evening I was pleased to see I had 4 missed calls and 4 voice mails...’horay, horay’...I thought! Nope, they were all calls from the said mechanic by accident and the voice mails were full of background noise. Fantastic!
Feeling guilty?


Mmm-if you are interested-the car hunting is taking a wee break and will restart next week, as on the weekend I am off to Lake Naivasha, to camp, to count dik-diks and to marshal  a charity challenge. (I don’t know much about the actual event, apart from the fact that  I am on the ‘tree planting’ challenge(!) and that Strathallan school (in Scotland) sponsors all our food and drink...wayhey!)

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  1. Form this part of the world we are all ears and eyes for your adventure, never mind the electronics of it :-)


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