Monday, September 26, 2011


Current Triumph - 
 Getting my running grove back, slowly, and running for an hour in the forest on the weekend!Horay!

Current Fashion Trend -
Belted dark blue jeans with a plain white top or shirt (basically anything that I have with me...not much!)

Current Obsession  -  
Obsessing about my boxes and their arrival

Current Drink -
 Tusker...too much of it!

Current Food -  
School food - they feed us breakfast and nice not to have to think about packed lunches!

Currently Wearing -
 a white skirt and a shirt with apples all over it -very teacher like

Current Wish List -  
 Flat heeled boots and tea tree concealer from The Body Shop (hint hint!)

Current Excitement -  
First road-trip, in my new car/truck, to the coast.

Current Mood -
Excited with butterflies - my new surf has arrived and is parked in the staff car park!!


  1. I would love the road-trip to the coast myself, but I would have to settle for the Tusker - I think I know were I could find one - and enjoy Africa that way :-)

  2. it sounds like an exciting time for you. Maybe one day I will visit the beautiful continent of Africa but, until then, I will have to see it through the eyes of others. Thanks for these glimpses.


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