Monday, September 12, 2011

My challenging weekend

On the weekend I headed to Lake Naivasha to help out as an official at the Safricom Family Challenge which raises money and awareness for Kamili (one of the few mental health clinics in Kenya).  I had heard about the competition over the past couple of weeks; the competitiveness and seriousness of some teams versus the fun and games of others (and really...some teams took it VERY seriously! I think one couple has filed for a divorce!). My event was a tree planting challenge. It may not have been the most mentally or physically exhausting of the events, but it was such a worthwhile challenge, as all the trees were planted in the permanent staff quarters to give them shade.

The challenge was held in such a great location, just a short drive over the Rift Valley; hopefully I will go back to watch a Polo match another time.  After tree planting we walked where giraffes roamed and enjoyed some Tuskers looking over the open savanna.

Dinner was sponsored by Strathallan-cheers!

Now I am back in rainy Nairobi ready for another busy week at the ‘w’ place.


  1. What a great event to raise awareness. I probably would have lost the planting tree challenge. So not into gardening and that stuff...but I should get into it. You are so lucky to be there and be hanging out near giraffes. :)

  2. What you are doing is a wonderful thing.

  3. thanks, but Pet, dont give me too much credit...i do get paid for my teaching position

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  5. Sounds like a win-win for everyone :) Stay dry :)

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  7. Thanks for finding me Erika..and yes sophia-I have insurance-but nice plug!

  8. wonderful stuff..
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