Friday, September 9, 2011

Hunting for cars in Nairobi

The car hunting malarkey continues. There are LOTS of cars available; some perfect for the city (small and easy to maneuver in busy car parks), others perfect for safari and road trips to the likes of the Abadares and the coast...and for nudging your way into busy roads and driving over pot(man)holes! But as I am not in the position to buy two-it is tricky finding one for  both jobs.
A car that doesn’t need its shocks replaced, or one that the owner still has its log book is quite tricky to find – but one with a sunroof is near impossible. 

So...a sunroof is not essential-but it is so good for safaris. Today, when I began talking to yet another car buyer/seller, I actually was agreeing when she said I could just cut the canvas roof of the jeep to create a sunroof!! (I must have been tried!)

Thankfully I have made friends with a teacher that lives in my neighbourhood- as the taxi bill is racking up as it is nearly $9 for a journey to school. Maybe the cut-out sunroof is not such a bad idea???

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  1. For what you say I wouldn't buy a small car and I wouldn't care about the roof. Hunters have to hunt what is available and the more meat the better. There is not such a thing as a fancy hunter, and fancy-hunting is not fun either :-)
    I would think that if one is in a wild place, it would be better to try to enjoy the wilderness of it, but then, all my experience about it is reading your blog :-)


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