Saturday, September 17, 2011

Living in a village

We are constantly reminded that the world is just a village, even more true in the ‘international teaching world’.  Sometimes the 6 steps of separation doesn’t seem believable, surely it is less?

Everybody has stories like this, but I just have to share my most recent one.

This year I arrived at the ‘w’ place at the same time as a teaching couple with a young family. It took us a few days to realise that we both used to live in Kuwait and then we realised we both worked at the same school – they arrived from another school the year after I left. We were so busy that not much more was said. I then mentioned this ‘funny’ on the phone to my mum, who asked their names:  Turns out that my mum taught their youngest child last year. The couple and I spoke more and laughed at the situation; an easy time out of the present,  to reminisce a bit about our past lives and talk about friends in common. We then realised that for two years we passed each other running on the promenade every weekend morning. We would wave and say hello-as you do to fellow runners-and continue to run.

This week we are off to run together in Nairobi.

Funny village we live in.


  1. It is peculiar how that sort of thing can happen. Although, having said that, in all honesty I have yet to meet a Brit, never mind one that I have a connection with, in Florida! ;-)

  2. Not one Brit-wow Paul, I'm surprised.

  3. That's so crazy how incredibly huge the world can seem and then things like this happen and it shrinks right back up.

  4. In 2009 I enrolled in a volunteer program in Arusha, Tanzania and was there for a month teaching English. The second week, some other people in the program told me there was another volunteer from Utah, so I went over to the volunteer house to meet her. She was from the same town as me (population 17,000) and her grandmother lived ten houses up the street from me, but we had never met before.

  5. nice post ..lets follow each other


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