Monday, September 19, 2011

Finding my norm

The ‘w’ thing has taken up a lot of my time since I have arrived. It is hard work and expectations are high.  5 duties a week, meetings (boy, do they like meetings!) and lunch times spent serving and eating with a table of pupils, frequent cover, running club etc etc ... non-contact time is precious. But I am getting there and although it is early days, I am so enjoying it and can’t see me wanting to leave for a while. (Which is not how everybody feels...the bets are on!) 

Some things have my running...but I know I will get back into it with time.  My 6am training sessions are helping me get back on track.  I have run a few times since I arrived, but the change in altitude really hurts!

Little accomplishments feel so good at the moment ; getting into a routine at the lunch table (seriously, this seemed a mammoth task), learning new names, learning the route to the ‘w’ place off by heart and finding an amazing place close by for pedicures!! And I feel this week is going to be a good one-my boxes are leaving Uganda tomorrow (hip hip hooray!) and my Surf is being some point in the near future!


  1. I must have missed it in your previous blogs - what is the "w" place and what type of teaching do you do?

    Enjoying your blogs,

    Ann G.

  2. the 'w' place is the work place and I teach Primary aged students. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Good to see that things are going well!

  4. Good to hear you are starting to settle in! It will be great to have your 'stuff' so you can really start making a home. It must be an incredible life experience :)

  5. Tri-girl...will be SO good to get my stuff. Taking time to settle in, but am getting my running grove back, you'll be pleased to to know!


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