Friday, September 23, 2011

Living out of a suitcase

My wardrobe  has become a bit of a staffroom joke.

It is now (officially) week 3 of the 'w' thing and I have rotated my 2 shirts, one pair of trousers and my one dress pretty well. I have accessorised with my 3 pairs of earring and tried to disguise my one dress with a flower on a pin...cunning!!  I have  refused to buy anything new, as I kept (keep) thinking my boxes would soon arrive from Kampala. Last weekend I broke and bought a kikoy was no longer cutting it!

On Sunday I received the good news that my boxes would be crossing the border on Wednesday, but yesterday I was told I wouldn't get them until next week.

Next week, when my boxes arrive, I am going to wear as many clothes I once...and possibly have outfit changes during the day...just because I can! (I hope!)


  1. Ugh! That happened to me when I moved to France for a short while, except I never received my box of clothes. I should have paid more to get a tracking number or something. Oh well, lesson learned! What is the "W Thing," or did I miss a post?

  2. Very cunning indeed! That made me chuckle. :)

  3. the 'w' thing-the work thing, that I try not to talk about, but I end up doing anyway...oppps- school.

    Fingers crossed for the boxes arriving soon...

  4. Oh I feel your pain! I am living permanently out of a rucksack and getting fed up of my meagre options. But I won't buy anything more because I'll have to haul it around the place. But I did crack and buy a eye liner yesterday. A girl has to have some standards!

  5. Haaaa Mud-love that you did that!

  6. And I that had always thought that the lighter the luggage the better :-)


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