Thursday, November 29, 2012

This week

I know things are bad when my Dad (my biggest cheerleader) says  my posts haven't been that great recently on my blog. Hmmmm.

Well-this one isn't going to be much better...I warn you now...!

I came back from this past weekend in Dubai with booze blues. (Good thing I live in Kuwait...totally ready for a wee detox!)

It was great seeing my dad and catching up with a friend. (I am now making more of an effort to find new places (for me) in Dubai when I visit.)

My friend Sam and I went to an ice bar. Sounds so cool doesn't it! Well, it wasn't. Not really. I went, so you don't have to my friends. But, it does make for some fun photos! (I would rather sit outside with girly drink with bubbles in them!)


It took me a couple of runs and a good few Christmas songs and whole lot of coffee to get my spring back.

My highlight this week was  getting caught in the massive storm when I was out for a run with my buddy. There was thunder, lightening and enough water to swim in. It was bloody fantastic! (That pair of trainers will take another 3 days to dry though!)

Oh yeah-and eating my first mince pie of the season.

Happy happy days!

This weekend marks the start of Christmas bazaars. Bring it!

Next week, when reports and assessments are out of the way, and thoughts of Africa don't take over my every waking moment, I will work on that  post...the decent, heartfelt, descriptive one about life in the might be a short one!


  1. Yay for Christmas bazaars! Glad you're back in action again :)


  2. I went to an ice bar in London. I thought those capes and gloves were quite nasty, but needed to check the experience on my list.

    Did you know in America, kids leave out cookies, not minced pies? I wonder what the kids leave for Santa in Kuwait (those who do)?

  3. This is really the world upside-down!
    Where is my desert girl? :-)

  4. Ice bar photos are always fun. :) I went to one in Sweden.


  5. wow you have an amazing life!! love your blog and we are definitely following you now.. xo
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