Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Season's Greetings!

We don't do Christmas at school here. The word isn't mentioned. With two days to go before our winter holidays I have not had the glitter out once and the red tissue paper is still in the packet..bah bloody humbug!

(I remember Santa visiting every year at school here before...! Not sure what happened to that...but that is by the by.)

Anyhow, not to let the season pass completely unnoticed, tomorrow we are getting our hands sticky and making chocolate snowballs (I am linking it in with Forces and Friction...tenuous link much!).

It will be a mad dash for the airport on Thursday...I'll be literally running for that plane. Before that I have mulled wine at the embassy, a whole lot of chutney making to do and my three hour long run to fit in after work...

but...I can almost taste the holidays!!!

On other news...today I sold my Surf in Nairobi. Bitter sweet. I had wonderful pipe dreams of taking it on a massive safari this summer and then ditching it in a lake somewhere (for insurance purposes only of course!). I am still dreaming of Africa, I'll just need a new car the next time I go!

Ahhhh-such a good looking car.
PS- I'm off to Amsterdam for some good times with a great friend, then home to Scotland.  A bit different to last Christmas in Ethiopia. This is my first Christmas in 5 years that I won't be in Africa. Snoooooowww!!


  1. i'm glad you are bringing at least a little bit of christmas to your school with the chocolate snowballs! have fun stopping through amsterdam on the way home to scotland..two of my favorite places! xoxo

  2. Ha! Start in Tanzania instead of Kenya and I'll let you use my Escudo that's still parked in a shed somewhere in Arusha, with a rebuilt engine, no less!

  3. Wow! Can't believe you've spent the last 5 Christmases in Africa... I think this will be my third. I must say that I think I prefer a cold Christmas to a summer Christmas... safe travels friend!


  4. Thanks Emi!

    Barbara-great idea. much better than my friend's suggestion of going by donkey!

    Jenna-have such mixed feelings-missing africa heaps...but yes-it is time for some snow...just wish i wasn't training for a marathon...not looking forward to long cold runs!

  5. Enjoy your White Christmas.
    We'll be in Minneapolis, surrounded by snow too!


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