Monday, November 19, 2012

Running news

Running in Kuwait is not the most pleasant of experiences. It is flat, that is mostly nice really. Not so nice when you have to do hill training over a bridge over the busy expressway. It is often dusty and polluted, however, we have been lucky so far this year and we have had lots of clear mornings on the weekend for our long runs.

But even still, my runs are my favourite time of the day and week.

It is a time to catch-up and gossip with my running buddies and there is always something amusing that happens.

Like the other morning, when at about 17km my friend and I were followed by a guy (not because we were looking super hot in our running gear with water belt accessories, I think!) who was still partying from the night before. He was driving and smoking and holding out a bottle of Black Label...I'm guessing in the hope we would stop running and take some. He drove with us for about 500 metres, when he realised that we were not going to do this. Bow down at him, drink his whiskey and then what, carry on running. Ha. Too funny. I might have taken his drink if it was water mind

Anyhow - this race was a good experience. A clear day, water stations and pretty cool views (well as cool as they get here in the sandpit if I am honest!).

Kuwait Half Marathon - 2 hours 19 minutes


  1. wow im in love with your awesome blog!!!! All your adventures are so fun! Im now following and cannot wait to read more!



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