Friday, November 9, 2012


Dear Friends and family, Thank you for all your birthday wishes. I felt like I had a week of celebrations, with my trip to Dubai, a weekend boozy brunch and then bowling on my actual birthday. Blessed.

Dear Jenn, Snail mail is great. Thank you for the inspirational card that I recieved on my birthday...what are the chances! Hollie, this was a great idea!

Dear Kerry, Thank you for my brilliant card! it! (The gift too-but the card was great!) I loved your positivity about the parcel getting here before my birthday! Brilliant! (Was very close though!).

Dear legs, I think you are tired from hill training the other night, (I ran over a bridge/fly-over multiple times...exciting AND good for you...not!) but you did ok on my 19km long run today.

Dear Avenues mall, You have outdone yourself. The new phase is pretty awsome-just like shopping outside...but inside. Loved William Sonoma and now own my first Kitchen Aid...go grown up!
Grand Avenue, Kuwait

Saying that...think you might need to build a new carpark if it stays this busy...crazy busy!


  1. Sounds like an amazing birthday week. Also, did you used to live in Kenya? I might be thinking of another blogger though.

  2. I am so glad that you received your card and how perfect that you got it on your birthday!!

  3. Yes Ramblinbess, I moved in August.

    Good timing Jenn (well planned ofcourse!)

  4. wow! I have always wanted to visit Africa! thanks for stopping by my blog-I'm going to have to follow now so I can live vicariously through you for now!

  5. new[est] follower from the link up! loving your letters and loving this blog! amazing journey you are on!
    can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  6. Oh no I missed it! Happy belated birthday. It sounds like it was pretty wonderful and I'm glad. :)

  7. wow, very cool photos! i wish i could go to dubai...

  8. Allison-I no longer live in Africa, but it is still on my mind.

    Thanks VV!

    Maren -the photos are taken in Kuwait, in a new part of a mall that just recently opened up.


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