Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Currently reading - The Night Circus (I finished The Paris Wife this weekend crying in bed. To me, that is a good thing!)

Currently listening to - Fun. The same few songs again and again and again, mostly We Are Young, love it.

Currently watching - 30 Rock. I have the 5th season (having never seen any of the other seasons) but I am enjoying it. Not loving it, but I do like it and would probably get another season. I also watched a couple of classics over the weekend; Breakfast at Tiffany's and Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (which is now a new favourite).

Currently baking- I've not been baking so much as I am trying to be good (ish!). But my friend and I hosted cook club on the weekend, so was in the kitchen all day. I made my own ice-cream for the first time (with no ice-cream maker), lemon tarte, cheese straws, foccacia and meatballs from scrath. I had such a great time! (Really!)

Currently eating- Nutella, from the jar (why waste the calories on toast!?). And lots of soup. I am all for having a balanced diet!

Currently loving - My long runs. (not sure I will for much longer though....).

Currently making me happy  - My friends. Spending time with old friends here again is just so much fun. Even food shopping becomes fun. Mail continues to arrive from friends and family to wish me happy birthday-I love that!

Currently looking forward to - This weekend. Tomorrow I'm heading to Dubai to see my dad and catch up with a friend that I haven't seen for a few years,


  1. Doing some of the same things here! Listening to Fun on repeat (carry on is my absolute favourite at the moment!) and just finished last season's 30 Rock as well. Although my long runs consist of bettering my 5k time.

    Must look for the Paris Wife. No better recommendation for a book than making you laugh, or making you cry.

  2. Love Fun. I created a fun station on Pandora and I listen to it all.the.time. I think Some Nights is my personal fave. :)

  3. Nutella and all that cake cooking. Sure you need to keep running and running to keep a check on all that. But certainly it seems you are enjoying your Desert Mall :-)

  4. I love Nutella on a nice French baguette, but they are hard to find outside of France!

  5. Great blog! I am a new follower of yours! Found you on Thriftary.

    I love Nutella. I also LOVE 30 Rock. Liz Lemon comforts my soul. I had a black bean stuck to my tooth last night for an hour before someone told me. And I had talked to many people before that. I thought, "that was so liz lemon...".

    Excited to follow you!


  6. You're part of a cook club? So fun, I've been wanting to do the same!

  7. Tiffany-that is so funny! Thanks for saying hello and for reading my ramblings!

    Karen-it is fun-it is one of the few times I try new to cook new dishes.

  8. Unrelated to this particular post but moreso about the other posts I've read... I love that you love Uganda so! The people and the beauty are like none I have encountered elsewhere. It's refreshing to hear about East Africa. I only spent a few months there but it has impacted me totally :) As I'm sure you know.


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