Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock n' roll

It was my birthday don't you know!
 Champagne in Dubai, a birthday brunch on the weekend with friends and then...
BOWLING, 50s style! we could be in bed at a reasonable hour...I know, I am so rock n' roll!

Yeah it was fun to wear a frock and bowl, but really is all about the shoes!
 PS - Bro, this is the dress I was talking about, I got it for my 21st birthday celebration!
(When telling my brother on the phone about what I was wearing, he reminded me that remembering my dress from 9 years ago was a bit of a test. Good point!)
Thank you for all the birthday wishes!


  1. Congratulations! But are you still there? In the desert? My heroine Lawrentine? Not such harsh for a desert I must say :-)

  2. thank you! yes, am still here in the land of it is not a hard life i must say!


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