Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What did you do on your holidays?

Landing at Entebbe felt like coming home. One form to fill, some dollars to hand over and a warm welcome...and you are in Uganda! How easy! Why do you end up feeling like a criminal at other passport controls?

And basically, that set the tone for the trip. Easy. Relaxed.

This is my Africa. Mosquitoes and all.

I did not go on game safari once...can you believe it? Instead I played the 'count how many new buildings there are in Kampala' game. I was tricky! In just over 8 months it is amazing how many new restaurants, bars, cafes, apartments have been built.

Apart from trying to find green space in Kampala...what did I do? Laughed with friends, went swimming,lay by the pool, had lunch dates, visited my old school, danced in bare feet, danced in flip flops, had dinner dates and breakfast dates, ran on the red dusty roads, swam in the lake, got sick, got better, lost weight, ate some more, went to an art show, drank wine, had a few braais with friends, camped under the stars, woke up in the middle of the biggest storm, avoided morning sex (see photo!), got soaked, rode boda bodas (honestly, Alex was happy to see me...not a great photo!), read, played Bananagrams (Have you played it?Scrabble, just quicker-so fun!), drank Pimms, posed for a photoshoot, ate some more.

There is also so much that I didn't have time to do. But thankfully I did get to see lots of people that I love in my life. I can't tell you enough how good it was. I came back to Kenya feeling like me again.

 I don't want to brag...but I might have to tell you more about it another time..!


  1. Jealous. Swap you Asia for Africa?

  2. Nope-sorry. I know, even when I leave, this is a place I'll always come back to. I'm sure there is some clearing you need to do here...somewhere in Africa..?

  3. Beautiful, the photos make me want to go there and experience it all.

  4. So wonderful you go to go back 'home' for a visit. I hope you get to move back there one day - it clearly is your happy place :) XOL

  5. Why morning sex? Is it more dangerous than afternoon or evening sex?

  6. ADoc- GO!

    Laura- I love Uganda. I really do. But hope that doesn't mean I've have come off too negatively about my experiences here in Kenya...?

    Kyria - there is a theory that you are more likely to get pregnant in the morning...apparently

  7. Hahaha - the Avoid Morning Sex picture is hilarious!
    Sounds like a wonderful trip. Can see why you were so upset to go back to normal life.

  8. You do look really happy in Uganda. It looks like a place with such vitality. Lucky you!

  9. Wendy-everyone who goes to Jinja (the area in Uganda) has to get there photo is as popular as the equator photo!

    Thank you Pet-it is -colourful and raw.

    Thanks Melissa-an easy subject to take

  10. Brag away - this was a joyfilled post [despite the no morning sex!] and the icing on the cake was seeing all those happy smiles.

    A wonderful inclusion in this month's POTM Club - particularly because you took me to a part of the world that I never thought I'd visit - thank you.

  11. Thanks Felicity! Hope you'll get to see Uganda one day for yourself


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