Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's raining

There were signs this weekend and everyone I spoke to predicted the rains to come by Friday, but it is raining. It's not heavy though, not yet, I wonder if they will stay.

You cannot be seen to wish the rains to stay away. We all love the sun, but the heat is pretty stifling at the moment. We just hope they will come slowly, at first, the farmers need the land to have a quick drink so that they are thirsty for more. Hopefully the rains will not bring destruction and power cuts with it.

A lioness is prowling around the neighbourhood of Karen, disturbing the dogs and getting familiar with some gardens. Looking for food and water I guess.
This is not unusual really, last year 3 lions ran out in front on African Adventurer's car in the same area...on the same night that I saw the biggest cane rat in story did not quite have the same impact once he had shared his!(Have I shared that story? Sorry if I have, but I swear, if that rat was any bigger, you just needed to put a saddle on it and you could ride it! It nearly ruined going to the Irish pub for me!)

I can't say that I  was (am) in a hurry for the rains to get here, (ssshhh-don't tell anyone!) because I will be sad to lose my runs in the forest. But, I am looking forward to not having ants in everything I own and sleeping through the night, rather than drowning in a pile of sweat. I'll leave you with that image.


  1. oh gosh i LOVE rain! the sound before i sleep is so relaxing, and plus it gets rid of all the nasty pollen outside!

  2. It was bright and sunny this morning, but it has clouded over-which is a nice change to be honest. I slept so well last night!

  3. Rained here on Saturday night as well. Bliss. There is something about the smell of rain on hot earth that is just delicious.

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  5. Air conditioning is what allows life to function here in Florida. Without it, things would be the same as for you, regarding sweating and sleeplessness. There is no true "rainy season" here. Rather, there is a "rainy hour" when it pours down in the mid afternoon most days in summer. I read George Orwell's Burmese Days which gave me an idea of what it must have been in Florida pre-A/C.

  6. Yes Paul, is the same in the Middle East. I refuse to use it even in my car here-am too cheap! It's the humidity that is worse though, isn't it?


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