Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beware! Ex-matatu driver

I know I have blogged about the weather (and driving) a LOT recently...but I am British.So...

If you have seen the news recently, you are aware that parts of Kenya have had an awful amount of rain. Yes, the farmers needed it for a while, but the thirsty land cannot cope with it. Never mind that it is now taking people an hour and a half to make 15 minute journey here in Nairobi, but there have flash flooding in Hell's Gate National Park, killing a church group.

The downpours are amazing and it can last all night. Thunder so close and loud that car alarms are set off. And skies that turn green with the lightening. (The only place I have seen better lightning shows were in Panama City-it was like watching a firework display there!)

Its natural to feel a bit frightened in thunderstorms. But my good friend and running buddy here, was telling me of their journey back in a taxi, when the driver, who obviously did not like storms, took his hands off the wheel to and put his head in his hands when he saw a flash of lightening. Probably not the best plan as the car was still moving..quite quickly too! (I have been asking some of the local staff at school if he thought the lightening was some kind of spirit...but everyone is in agreement that it was just a crazy driver...good to know!)

But, I am not letting the weather 'rain on my parade' (having a good term so is ONLY week 2 though!) and I managed to go out for a run in the drizzle before the storm arrived this evening. Happy days!

PS- Of course it rains in Uganda too, it rained when we were staying in Fort Portal (no surprise there then) but after the most beautiful hot day so we welcomed the rain that gave us the time and opportunity to have a warm bath...and then a swim in the lake!

PPS- I just had to get my askari (guard) because I think my little coastal cottage (!) roof is going to collapse...I no longer have leaks...just a slight downpour. My askari wasn't sure what I expected him to neither really...just sharing I guess!


  1. But that is because you live so much surrounded by a more natural world, nothing to do with your Britishness :-)


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