Monday, April 30, 2012

Greetings from Kibera!

I revisited Kibera Mpira Mtaani (their website is under construction-so I cannot pass it on at the moment) on the weekend with Anisa, who is heavily involved and committed to the organisation. I've written about the project a couple of  times before.  Firstly when I visited to do some painting with children on the weekend and then the time I made and took play dough.

The project is successfully developing and growing; becoming more and more self-sufficient.

This time we went to try and teach some of the teachers and older students to make greetings cards, so that they could be sold to raise funds for the organisation.

Phew-it was hard work! Some of the ladies were fantastic-so enthusiastic and motivated. Others were 'deafeated' not long after we began. A few more sessions are needed before the ladies will be confident in their tasks (it also became pretty obvious early on that an investment into a guillotine is needed!) but it was a great start.


  1. What a wonderful project! I enjoyed your POTM entry as well-- I have never been to Africa, and have enjoyed reading your stories here.
    Also, thanks for stopping by mine, as well!

  2. Thanks Ariana-hope you'll stop by again

  3. love all the color!

  4. I love following along on your journey! Thanks for the great photos!

  5. Dulci-in such a dark and dull room the bright paper looks even brighter, doesn't it?

    Melissa-thanks for coming on the journey!

    Andi-thank you-hope you'll come back and see more!

  6. This looks like an amazing project. Such wonderful photos.

  7. It is Jaclyn (no credit goes to me by the way)-apart from the photos-thank you!


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