Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This is what you get by not having UN plates

Getting waved to the side of the road by two policemen shouldn't really be anything to worry about, when you know you haven't done anything wrong.

But you do. I did. I smiled and asked what the problem was, as the two policemen waved there machine guns around. They asked me to come further off the road. I was thankful that it was quite a busy street and just smiled. I checked they were wearing there pin numbers, they were. so apparently they were on duty.

They said I was on my mobile. Mmm. No. I wasn't. (I really wasn't.)
I ended up flattering the policeman with the breathe smelling of booze, thanking him that he is trying to do a good job.

He hadn't been drinking he said. Well I wasn't using my phone, I said. Have a good day. He needs my mobile he says, to check the log. I understand, I will help you and show you my log. Or, if you would like I'll be happy to drive to the nearest station to show them.


Just happy to leave, with my mobile and money still in my purse.

Really-there is nothing for it, but go for a glass of wine, who cares if I'm still in my running gear.

Then I think,bugger, I should have taken down their pin numbers. Then I think, what's the point. Sad, isn't it?

Like the fact, that (even though I don't get road rage) I have taken to use my camera (on my phone..I promise I wasn't doing this when the police stopped me!) to take photos of bad drivers. Why? Am I going to go to the police about some woman that nearly drove into me near school. No, but it makes me feel better!

Aaaaah-that's it! All better now.

Maybe I should just wear my costume...my Robin one, more often!

(PS- I know this is not unusual. (Not the Batman thing.) My friend got pulled over 5 times on the road from Mombasa to Nairobi when we travelled in convoy in October. He didn't have a liscense so ended up paying a small fortune in bribes, which we all found quite funny at the time. But I really didn't do anything wrong...)


  1. That's crappy. It puts my annoyance of getting a speeding ticket off an American cop in perspective (it was 1.30am, we were in the middle of nowhere, the roadways were totally dead, plus we were barely over the limit). Nothing compared to your travails though.

  2. What a story! I'm glad it all went okay.

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