Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shake, rattle and roll

I didn't even sit up, just lifted my head for a few seconds to try and focus. Was my bed moving or was I just dizzy. But it continued for a lot longer than I expected. I wondered at first if it was a lorry on a nearby road. I looked at my clock, just after 5, a little bit longer before I have to get up. I just rolled over. I would be no good in emergencies.

I asked in the staffroom; Did anyone else feel the tremor this morning? Yes. Turns out it was a little shake after all, 4.9 is 'moderate' apparently, following on from the quake in the Indian Ocean. Not quite as 'exciting' as Mud's experience - but, I think a bit of shake on the first day of term is a sign. Hopefully a good one.

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  1. AH! Scary! I've never experience an earth quake... I would be so nervous!


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