Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Safari Tips

I am still pretty new to this 'safari-tour-guide' thing (!). You could say, that I am learning on-the-job.

So, for my mum's recent trip, I thought back to to what I had learnt on previous safaris in Uganda and gave handy hints to my special visitor!Yet, I still learnt lots.

More self-drive safari tips:
  • Buy a road map before the morning of your safari. Better yet, check the map you bought has your destination ON IT!
  • Even though it may not be the first time visit to Africa- remember to stop at every roadside market, and pot seller you pass-by, it is a photo opportunity after all. (The same goes with African Crap Craft stalls/markets!)
  • Put the customer at ease on all occasions whilst on safari, regarding the wildlife. (Remember, you yourself have been in similar situation...remember that sleeping lions story ...) and remind them that the hyena outside will NOT come into the tent.
  • Take ear plugs - some people snore...loudly. This will sadly cut out all wildlife noises, but do not worry, as most of the animals have, by then, ran in fear of their lives!
  • Even on short safaris remember to take Imodium with you. Nobody wants a sick guide! (Rookie mistake!)
  • Leave some days totally unplanned. The customer is on holiday and may just want to read in the sun. Don't fall into the over-planning pit! 

Soon, I may be ready to take the test for my guide badge!


  1. Hey girl, I'm responding to your question on my blog. When you upload a picture to your blog post, you can click the picture, then click the link button in the blog editor (make sure you're on the compose tab).

    Also, if you turn your email on with your blogger account, I can respond directly to you next time. :)

  2. thanks heather-will try it next time... just kind of 'got by' this time.

  3. look heather-you can now email me..i think...can you try and see if it works.


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