Thursday, February 2, 2012

A touchy subject

I had a moment of 'What am I doing?' the other day at the beauticians. It was that time of the month again, when the metal knife was used to smear on the burning hot wax. Clever!

This is what you get whe you pay 200 shillings (about 2 usd) for a wax. 
Classy lady!


  1. haha, i just found your blog and can totally relate. ive been living in india for the past year :)

  2. Wow, that picture is really scary. You are a brave soul.

  3. Brave, Amanda. That is one word for it!

  4. Oh my! And how do you use it? My friend has lived in Somaliland for some time, and I see that she has been through the same kind of thing. I hope you won't get hurt while using it. I'm always so afraid to wax, althoug I didn't when I was younger! I'm hopping by from iBlog4Me

  5. 'How do you iuse it?'-it's wax. the slick it on, then pull it off-hopefully painfree ofcourse-and i have to say-although i'm not comfortable with the metal knife-the girls here are the best I've ever had.


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