Friday, February 10, 2012


I was so excited to have friends round for wine and cheese the other night, that I went to a lovely shop/bar in Nairobi beforehand to do some wine tasting! I found some lovely wines, including wine from this vineyard that I visited in South Africa last year.

I then went home and made little cards to match the cheese to the wine. Sadddoooo!

But all that didn't matter when my little cottage was filled with stories of love and life, laughter and a little bit of dancing!

PS-my friends all agreed that my little cottage belongs on a beach by the coast of Europe-rather than in a garden in Nairobi. it is tiny and wooden but it is cute nevertheless-my Mum and I will know eachother even better after her visit!


  1. Oh how glorious - cheese AND wine? Do you have any idea how jealous I am??

  2. and better yet-good wine and (ok) cheese...not like my Ug days! mud where are you? back in cambodia?

  3. My favorite food group - wine and cheese (and friends) what a fun evening.

  4. Hi, Robyn. I am a South African living in Scotland. My heart is in Africa, though. Here they are still concentrating very hard on trying to get folk to have their five-a-day. I get all five from the amount of wine, I drink. :)Enjoy Africa. I envy you. x

  5. It all looks yummy!! If we didn't have so much house stuff to spend our money on this year we'd go to Nairobi. We have friends who are there to adopt a child. They were there a few years ago and now they're there to take home a little brother:)

  6. ha-thanks Danielle!

    Nicola-bet you are missing being home this time of year! I tried to go to your blog (to repsond) but can't it seems. but thank you for visiting mine!

    Susi-another time I hope, then.


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