Monday, February 20, 2012

Coming and Going

My mum has come and gone all too quickly. We drove north, just a few hours away, not far, but far enough to feel the changing winds and where a few raindrops teased the Earth.

Her plane took off last night and left me tossing and turning, trying to find sleep. It was too quiet. That is my excuse for driving into my gate this morning! I think it's valid.

But when the sun in Nairobi shone today, I thought about how lucky I am that I do get so many visitors, when I make the choice to live here. And for now, that is my choice.

I'll share some stories and photos from our 'girls-on-tour' adventure this week, once I have found my routine again.

PS- my music is playing loudly and the cottage will soon become too small again!


  1. Living in Africa?? What an adventure! I hope to make it there someday. Thanks for the blog comments.

  2. Beautiful landscape photography! I've always wondered how life on Equator is. Isn't there water running straight down in the toilets when you flush or something? It's bizarre...

  3. Oh-the water test. a step away in each direction the water spins (when run down a plug/bowl) in opposite directions-depending if your in North or South. I forget which-even though I have seen them do the test a handful of times.ops


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