Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sticking to the day job

I'm just back from the capital, where I caught up with lovely friends and enjoyed a bit of the Festival.
And, like everyone (everyone, right?), you start thinking, could I do this comedy malarkey? Could I stand in front of an audience and talk, mostly about myself, at them, for an hour? Then... I thought, I basically do -as a teacher.

So I had two hours on the train to think of my 'routine' - and I came up with one joke. One.

I later shared it with my friends- and - well- I'm going to stick to teaching...for now!!

PS- maybe I'll share THE joke another time...I laughed!


  1. Come one, don't be so shy :-)

  2. haha, this post made me smile! please, share the joke! i think the silly ones we come up with on our own are the best :)


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