Monday, August 22, 2011

The Queenstown Story

By the time Dad and I left Ireland, we knew the CU Hospital very well...but not much else. We did take a wee drive to Cobh (said Cove) to have a wander round. Cobh (then Queenstown) was one of the last port of calls for the Titanic where 123 people embarked. It is also where the survivors of the Lusitania were brought in 1925 and were taken in to people's homes when hospitals were full. What a place!

All the colour buildings were very cute, however if you got close all the shops were closed or charity shops- a sign of the times in Ireland. Still, a pretty port town and gave us a wee break from fluorescent lighting


  1. What a cute litte town. i love the rich history.

  2. Sort of full of ghost, wasn't it?

  3. Well-actually it was a bit of a ghost town, but I think that is more to do with the credit crunch than its history...!


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