Thursday, August 4, 2011

Country Bumpkin

Trying to find checkouts where there is a breathing person at it and I don't need to fiddle with scanners or press buttons myself. Filling up the car with fuel...myself ...(something I may not have done in about 5 years!), having to remember what pump I was on, who to pay and to do all this quickly (as everyone is rushing). Oh-and did you know, now the BofS card just needs to be waved at a scanner to pay for things...this is a shiny first world nation...!  It was all rather exhausting today. Nice to hide away on the peninsula.

(Oh-although I do like the shiny car that tells me when it's time to change I need that!)


  1. Not yet...but looking forward to my move more than I was last week!

  2. Just stopping by from Comment Love to say Happy Sunday! You have a beautiful blog!!


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