Monday, August 29, 2011

No hurry in Africa

The nerves of the move to Nairobi vanished at terminal 5. I had my Kenyan leather Ark bag and felt like I was a returnee, rather than a newcomer. It is not Uganda, the traffic is faster, but at the 'w' place everyone walks just as slow.  In some ways, it has all been rather, dare I say it...easy.

Saying that, there have been a couple of hiccups already; my new pad wasn't ready and my freight has still not left Uganda - but it is all sorting itself out. 'Blood Clot Man' got better and was able to move out of the (his/my) accommodation, leaving it free for me to move in. I have had no power since I have been in, but, in the dark it seems fine! The word is quirky. I have a room with the oven in, another wee room with the fridge in and then the could be interesting! But I do have a garden, something I didn't have in Uganda and apparently my area has some good running routes (when I unpack my trainers I will test this out!).

The 'to do' list on my classroom board is getting longer the more hours I spend searching for a car;to buy, to find, to make, to meet, to file, to throw out...but hakuna matata.


  1. I'm dying to make it to Kenya. We're doing a safari in December, but don't think it will be there, there are so many choices and since we travel with 6 it gets expensive real fast. Can't wait to hear of your Kenyan adventures so we can live vicariously through you!

  2. It is sort of exciting to follow your "real" Africa vs the movie versions that shape my image of Africa.
    Forgive the stupidity that surely will flow from my pen with such a background!

  3. @ the Loerzels - yes, kenya can be pricy for parks etc-Uganda is cheaper-I would highly highly recommend if you can.

    @Pet-sure they are all based on one aspect of the real africa-it is just important to remember that that is only one aspect-many lives,many 'real' stories.

    thanks for following mine.

  4. What a bizarrely laid out plan. I think I like the sounds of it. And you have a garden! I'm definitely jealous.

  5. Great news! I am moving again (from Sri Lanka to Kosovo for a month, Afghanistan for a month and then Cambodia) and can't wait for somewhere to call home. Especially if it has a garden!


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