Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kuwait. Wait, I recognise you!

Here I am, back in the land of sand, or dust and heat. Thankfully it has mostly been the dry heat, that even at 47 degrees Celsius is bearable. Even in the dark, something you forget about, your body gets a slight shock when you walk into the hot night.

The days have passed quickly. With meetings and greetings and lots of unpacking.

My memories of my past life here are now in colour. I turn every corner thinking I will hear familiar voices and expecting to see friendly faces, but only a few remain. The other night I went to a party being held in a building that my dear friend used to live in. A lump was stuck in my throat when I saw her name on the door, but she left years ago, during the same exodus I took part in.

I am a 'newbie' again. We travel en masse; a large group with straight hair and high pitched voices, demanding attention and needing constant reassurance. Walking in their very shiny, high heeled shoes, buying like there is no tomorrow. Racing to be the 'first'. The 'first' to make friends, the 'first' to get the Internet (by the way, I haven't got my Internet sorted yet, but once I do, I will be in touch more regularly!), the 'first' to join a gym, the 'first' to have their classroom ready. I am at the back of the shoes and clothes are a little more worn, but I am just as eager to make a good impression in this cut throat environment.

My return has given some 'long timers' a bit of a shock. They realise that in the three years I have been in Africa, they have been here, getting older. Richer too. But older.

Money. A reason why we are all here. A reason, we are reminded of daily, why we are lucky to have been 'chosen' to be here. Well, I have obviously not come for the scenery!

I am trying to stay positive about my return. It is a paradise really!

PS-  I hope you are well! Email me! x


  1. Yes, at least the heat there is dry. Here in Florida it can get uncomfortabley humid. Good luck in Kuwait!

  2. All sounds really exciting. It would be a pleasure to follow your "desert" adventure too. Sort of watching again Lawrence of Arabia :-)

  3. Paul-thankfully it is not as humid here as Dubai, it can come, but it is dry at the moment-a blessing.

    Pet-not sure if it will be quite as exciting as that...we will see!but thank you!

  4. How exciting. And adventurous. One day I will join you!

  5. Did you know kuwait in Swahili slang(sheng) means to wait?! ;) love your blog...

  6. Oh, and that's my first ever comment on any blog! ;) Make that 2 now! ;)

  7. I love the new look on your blog! Welcome 'home' :) I hope the new school year is off to a great start. Will you be running outside at all, or is it just too hot?

    If you find yourself in London on Oct 2nd, I'd love to meet you at 'Blogger's Tea'! Details on my page :)

  8. Good fact-anonymous! And thanks for writing 2 comments! Next time let me know who you are. :)

    Laura-I am running-my friend and I have been testing how hot it is-we can do 5.15am for half an hour-before it gets too hot!

  9. hi! I just wanted to add a little side note. A friend of mine commented on my facebook that I was in danger of sounding cynical. I have re-read my post and thought about adding or changing things slightly-but decided against it. My blog is a journal of thoughts-and this shows my feelings at the time of writing. Moving country (and moving 'back') involves a range of emotions-I have chosen to be in Kuwait-and although I take things with a pinch of salt (mostly the 'w' side) I live life and am happy to be-happier still to be paid-and after 3 years in Africa, do not apologise for this. My writing here will be about different aspects of life at the different times-this is how I feel about the here and now. Thank you for reading and for sharing your comments and thoughts- I love hearing from you.

  10. Hi Robyn My, I missed this news - what a huge change for you! Good luck on settling in although I guess you're an old hand at it by now ☺. Thanks so much for linking up with the POTMC. J x

  11. thanks jane! much easier to settle into a country where you know where the supermarket and bank is. thanks for visiting my blog!


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