Monday, September 24, 2012

The Little Things

There were times in Africa, like after a long day at school, when I longed for a coffee in a paper cup. A coffee to go, so I could take it back to my classroom, ready to work again after a caffeine fix. Coffee ‘to go’ started appearing in my last few months in Uganda, in a Styrofoam cup…and there was never any rush for the customer. Kind of defeating the purpose.

Times like that I would go on Google and find where my nearest Starbucks was.  Egypt. Quite far for a coffee fix.

Now I can nip across the street (well, two) come back with an iced latte and get back to work. Or grab a double skinny capachino while I go round the supermarket.

Seriously.  How great is that!?

I tell you-it is easy to forget, but these little things make me happy.

Another thing that makes me happy, is finding all the ingredients to try a new recipe. After seeing these this recipe for Nutella Stuffed Cookies on a couple of websites, I just had to try them.
(It is the sea salt that make them great by the way!)
Looking forward to starting Kuwait Cook Club again!


  1. I know, right?! Coffee to go is brilliant, although I'm not drinking too much. In France, they don't really have coffee to go and especially not lattes, so the first thing I did when coming home is head to Starbucks. And chocolate and sea salt is probably the best combination in the entire world. by. the. way.


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