Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to school

The 'w' place is a bit of a maze, even for me. More buildings have been acquired and new rooms have been built. But things are coming back to me.
Things that I hadn't realised I had forgotten. (Like the instant love the children have for you and there wish to declare it on day one.) Brand new resources continue to get dropped off in my classroom, as I unpacked the globe, I remembered something else I had forgotten.

The country that isn't

So many things we do not talk about here and I am not going to be writing about it either.

Boys that I taught in Year 3, found me today, big grown-up boys that are now in Year 9,edging closer to adulthood. Too old to hug now or tussle their hair (too tall too!), with their dark moustaches making me feel old, but their cheeky smiles and charm making me feel proud.

New pupils stumble around looking lost. It is easy to do. I've been there. I remember being lost during my first week as a pupil in the very same building, looking for the way to a violin lesson, and being rescued by a KG teacher. I wasn't as brave as some of the pupils were this week. That was 15 years ago...or 16, I think. It is nice to be back.

It feels like home.

PS-I added a long side-note on my last post in the comment section. It is nearly a week since I wrote, every day is better than the last!


  1. It is so nice that you have come full circle. I didn't know you lived there before as a child, if I understood you correctly? And as a teacher before too? So glad you are finding your groove!

  2. hi laura! yep-I have lived in kuwait for 6 years previously, two as a teenager, 4 as a teacher. 3 too in Bahrain. So a second home it is, kind of. I'll be writing more about it all...while it is all still pretty fresh.

  3. Aw, so glad back to school has been good for you! Love the new blog look around here btw :-)


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