Friday, September 7, 2012


Dear Kuwait, You are starting to look a bit like home again. 
Dear Friday, Now you are the start of the weekend. Two days off work, Friday and Saturday. Friday, the quiet day; the mosques are busy but the breakfast cafes and roads are blissfully quiet for a few hours. I love Fridays.
Dear Call to Prayer, Some new expats may complain about the noise, where as I love the sound of the call to prayer at our neighbouring mosque. It brings with it a rhythm to the day, plus I know I have one hour extra in bed before it is a time to get up!
Dear Morning Runs, Yep-it is still hot. But even on my day of rest (a Friday) it is worth getting outside before 5.30 am and I feel soooo much better for it.
Dear Dear Running Buddy, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed without you, even if I feel good after the run! Thank you!
Dear Immigration Offices,  Although I love the weather here in November, it would be great if I could get my passport back before my half term break, I really want to get on a plane then!
Dear Friends, I am a still a bit here, there and everywhere. I will be better at keeping in touch in a couple of weeks.


  1. hope everything immigration works out! i know that's a pain!

    New follower :)

    Have a happy Friday! Stop by and say hello!

  2. Running buddies make it so much easier to find the motivation, don't they?

    Glad you're settling in!

  3. You are in Kuwait! How fun! Such another world.

  4. SO excited I found your blog! I'm going to Africa for a couple months, December/January of this year :) I won't be in Uganda, but South Africa and Zimbabwe. Can't wait! For now, I'm excited to be a new follower on your blog :)

  5. Immigration is the absolute worst. I hope you get stuff figured out!!

  6. I started back running too since it finally is cooler in the am & late pm :) However it still is pretty warm a little cooler would be nice :)

  7. Vivian-it is indeed another world.

    Alyx-It is. Trying to stay positive...but not booking any flights!

    Ashleigh - I keep thinking that by running in this heat, I will find it sooo much easier when it cools!

  8. How awesome to live in Kuwait! How are you liking it? And good luck with the running, I'm trying to start up and wish I had motivation like yours!

  9. I try to imagine all of that. The Call to Prayer making you feel where you are and all that. But do they really hold on to your passport? That would be a little too exotic for me! :-)

  10. Do you work on Sundays then? What about expats working for Western companies - do they typically work on Fridays or Sundays? - hadn't thought about that before...

  11. Love the new blog layout!!!!! looks great. Glad you're starting to feel adjusted :)

  12. hi Laura-yes, we work on Sundays. I was actually here when the weekends changed-they used to be Thursday and Friday, now they are Friday and there is more time open with the western world. Some people still work saturday ofcourse-but Friday is quiet. Some american contractors, on the base and such like, still follow the american weekends.

    Ali-thank you -glad you like the new look!


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